LinkME Suite

LinkME is a digital delivery platform that quickly creates digital twin factories based on real scenes, providing digital enhancement services covering the full life cycle of design, production, sales and after-sales.


The platform has comprehensive features, nteractive 3D scenes, and it empowers enterprises to improve efficiency in all aspects.

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Core Strength

Supporting the import of common data formats such as .stp, .igs, .glb, and other customizable 3D formats.

Supporting Multiple Types of Data

PPT-style operation, which can be quickly used by people without any CAD design experience, and can lower the entrance threshold.

No Coding Experience Required for Users

Many people can work on a project remotely at the same time, thus reducing communication time and development period.

Multiplayer Interaction and Collaboration

Editors can design 3D without any client software installation. The experiencer can quickly view the 3D scene via web or mobile devices.

Lightweight 3D Experience

Update of new content can be achieved in internet enabled environment and correction of any errors can be reflected real-time

Real-time Update

Instruction manuals are no longer presented in the form of hard copies. Users can now access digital instruction manuals anytime, anywhere and with anyone. 

Green and Environmental Friendly