Smart Business Park.

Tracing back to the past data, gaining insight into the current situation and foreseeing the changeable future

Abstract Lines

Business Pain Points.

Systems and information are scattered independently, artificial judgment of facility status is delayed, and there is a lack of unified management for security, fire protection and other systems, so it is impossible to simulate and preview for emergency time.

Low Management Efficiency

Energy consumption data cannot be collected and statistically analyzed in time, and cannot be finely arranged.

Energy Wastage

Traditional graphic material propaganda lacks sense of science and technology and immersion, which affects investment attraction.

Poor Visualization

Solution Advantages.

The digital twin platform integrates the information of various systems and combines loT to monitor the status of park facilities in real time, find problems in time and respond quickly. It can preview three-dimensional visual simulation of security and fire protection, and make emergency plan in advance.

One-Stop Management

Collect energy consumption data in real time and carry out intelligent energy management with the help of AI algorithm, deduce the future environment and make independent decision based on historical data.

Smart Energy Management

Multi-terminal-supported 3D interactive platform can increase the sense of science and technology of the park, enhance the viewer's immersion, and strongly promote investment attraction.

3D Interactive and Immersive Display

Existing Case Study.

Smart Management Platform of an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Pioneer Park

  • Total-factor three-dimensional reduction of the park

  • One-stop integration of power control system

  • Smart energy management

  • Large screen and mobile terminal support