Smart City.

Tracing back to the past data, gaining insight into the current situation and foreseeing the changeable future

Abstract Lines

Business Pain Points.

The information of various systems and institutions in cities is scattered independently, and the amount of data is huge. It is difficult to process multi-source heterogeneous data, and the comprehensive utilization rate is low. The overall operation and maintenance remained in two-dimensional planarization, with poor spatial perception.

Variety and Large Size of Data

The communication costs between functional departments in urban areas are high, resulting in weak collaboration capabilities; insufficient awareness of urban dynamic data, and delayed response strategies; overall operation and maintenance remain in a two-dimensional plane, and spatial perception is poor.

Flat display with low IoT capability

In the urban planning stage, there is a lack of accurate and effective simulation capability to predict the potential negative impacts, and the cost of correcting errors when problems are found in the construction stage is huge.

Insufficient Dynamic Simulation Capability and High Cost of Trial and Error

Solution Advantages.

The city digital twin platform quickly integrates cross-system and multi-agency data, and combines with FUI to manage multi-source heterogeneous data in a one-stop clear and intuitive way, allowing data to "live" in all aspects of city management.

Total-Factor One-Stop Management

Make use of cutting-edge technologies such as loT, 5G and AI to perceive urban dynamic data in real time and make intelligent decisions. Information sharing among functional departments, three-dimensional visual operation, and rendering images comparable to film and television effects, make management more realistic.

Three-Dimensional Dynamic Perception and Intelligent Decision-Making

Excellent simulation capability helps management departments accurately simulate and estimate potential risks, improve and formulate emergency plans in advance, gain insight into the current situation and foresee the future in the urban planning stage.

Future Ready Solution

Existing Case Study.

Digital Twin Platform of a Provincial Capital City: Covering Traffic Brain and Public Security Prevention and Control of a Provincial Capital City

  • Three-dimensional reduction of thousands of square kilometers

  • Camera with 100,000 channels

  • 34 security checkpoints

Application of standard address, actual population, actual housing, actual units, actual security facilities, actual force equipment and actual police data.