Smart Energy.

Tracing back to the past data, gaining insight into the current situation and foreseeing the changeable future

Abstract Lines

Business Pain Points.

Systems and information are scattered independently, forming data islands, various data sources are difficult to integrate; insufficient data expression capability and lack of interaction with data make it difficult to restore the real scene.

Insufficient Digital Capability

The traditional planarization operation and maintenance method can't manage a variety of equipment and data, the manual inspection in high-risk areas is dangerous, and the fault location time is poor.

High Operation and Maintenance Cost and High Risk

The imprecise management such as untimely deployment of energy source and vague allocation causes waste in the process of energy transmission and use.

Inefficient Energy Management

Solution Advantages.

Excellent multi-source heterogeneous data fusion ability, one-click connectivity data island; full-scene 3D reduction, PBR film-and-television grade rendering effect, and one-to-one reproduction of the real physical world.

All-Factor Digitization

3D visual one-stop operation and maintenance platform can control the multi-dimensional information and scene roaming in real time, accurately locate the fault, and support the remote implementation of prefabricated solutions.

Low-Cost and Low-Risk Operation & Maintenance

Intelligent decision-making based on big data can accurately control the transmission and use of energy and effectively reduce the efficiency loss of energy stations.

Efficient Management to Achieve carbon Neutrality

Existing Case Study.

Digital Twin Management Platform of a Large Substation

  • Total-factor reduction of substation

  • Panoramic camera access

  • Real-time reading of key data

  • Remote operation and maintenance to reduce risk