Smart Port.

Tracing back to the past data, gaining insight into the current situation and foreseeing the changeable future

Abstract Lines

Business Pain Points.

There are too many dynamic factors such as port logistics, ships and shipping agent, the artificial management cost is high, and the response to abnormal events is not timely.

Insufficient Digitization

The location of loading and unloading lacks three-dimensional spatial attributes, the guiding operation is not intuitive; the shore bridge, main lifting equipment and other large equipment are lifted too high, move too long in distance, and lack of space optimization.

Poor Space Utilization Capability

As port throughput continues to increase, geographic space cannot be expanded and many scattered technologies increase management costs without improving overall efficiency.

Efficiency Encountering Bottlenecks

Solution Advantages.

Restore the port's ships, bridge machinery, containers, freight trucks and all other production factors through 3D technology, access dynamic data, and intelligently control the whole port in real time.

Virtual-Real Mapping and Dynamic Management

Through simulation and AI algorithm, combining GIS/GPS data, carry out the three-dimensional optimization of the port's movement space and operation rhythm.

Simulation and Intelligent Optimization

The one-stop 3D visual management platform can analyze and control various data of the port across time dimensions, with visual supervision and efficient operation and maintenance.

One-Stop Management, Simple and Efficient

Existing Case Study.

  • Digital Twin Panoramic Visual Safety Management Platform of a Dock

  • Total-factor dynamic three-dimensional reduction

  • Control center remotely driving all kinds of loading and unloading equipment

  • Integrated process management

  • Digital restoration of the weather environment at the dock