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Virspatial Technologies

About Us.

Virspatial Technologies is a technology company dedicated to providing spatial digital twin creation and interactive technology for enterprise metaverse, empowering enterprise metaverse applications and providing excellent spatial digital experience.

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A Digitally Innovative Company That Develops Spatial Computing Technologies.

No matter which industry you are from, we have the right solutions for you.

Take advantage of spatial computing technology to open up the inter-temporal connection between the real physical world and the virtual world. Build a platform for creating, operating and developing full-scene, total-factor and full-life-cycle digital twin content.

Enterprise Mission

Combining human-computer interaction technology to create an unparalleled digital twin world for human beings.

Enterprise Vision


Company Culture

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Headquartered in Singapore, Virspatial Technologies has an international innovation team from Fortune 500 companies.


The company has set up branches in Malaysia, Thailand and United States, which can meet the cross-regional market demand and continuously provide professional products and technical services.

Meet The Team.


Eric Liu

Founder, CTO 


Gavin Gui

Partner, Managing Director


Mike Hall

Partner, SVP (R&D)