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Smart Mobility

Provide real-time visualization and situational awareness of mobilities and achieve efficient digital management.

Our Solution

Smart mobility is an intelligent transport and mobility network, including traditional vehicles, underground, bus, port, and airport. Our Smart mobility Twinverse® platform not only helps to solve our client concerns around traffic congestion, loss of productivity, operation inefficiency, and money, but also helps our partners to rethink the transportation infrastructure used in their businesses.

What Mobility Industry Lacks Today

Insufficient Digitization
  • There are too many dynamic factors to control

  • Hard to integrate, analyze multi-source data, and operation systems

Lack of Standardized Management System
  • Difficulty standardizing the management processes

  • Unable to share digital content across departments

Poor Space Utilization Capability
  • The location of loading & unloading lacks 3D spatial attributes

  • Not intuitive in guiding operation procedures

  • Lack of space optimization

Decrease in overall operation efficiency
  • Time-consuming and labor-intensive in rolling out the bus or underground route simulation

  • Restricted geographic space cannot meet the accelerating needs

  • Slow response to accidental events

Virspatial's Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

Smart Port

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  • Developing full-process solutions for internal and external trucks

  • Monitoring millions of goods and containers at the same time

  • Providing a large-screen data panel with access to all dynamic data

  • Able to customize digital port environment in order to cope with upcoming changes

Virspatial’s Smart Mobility Solution Advantages


Virtual-real Mapping and Dynamic Management

  • Full coverage of dynamic operation data

  • Control large-scale area in real-time

  • Greatly enhancing the digital expression capacity of all factors

Simulation and Intelligent Optimization

  • Quick verification of bus or underground route

  • Enhance data-driven decision-making to predict the future and realize zero-cost simulation

  • Provide closed-loop management of mobility maintenance


One-stop Management, Simple and Efficient

Safety management

  • Trace historical events assisted with AI learning

  • Comprehensive monitoring and management of key areas

Production management

  • Intelligent identification, operation simulation, historical tracing

Equipment management

  • Automatic inspection, warning location, preventive maintenance

Emergency management

  • Emergency alarm & work order scheduling

Training management - virtual training

  • Improve in-house training and assessment processes

  • Quick turnover and high consistency for staff skillsets upgrading

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