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Smart Buildings

Provide real-time visualization and all-level spatial management solutions focused on facilities management of a building.

Our Solution

Our Smart Building solutions utilize Twinverse® platform to provide real-time visualization and all-level management solutions from factory, building, park, township to city level. Also to help achieve SG Green Plan 2030, we provide innovative energy transmission control and use analysis with comprehensive business information, assisting in achieving your ESG missions.

What Smart Buildings Lack Today

Variety and Large Size of Data
  • Difficult to process multi-source heterogeneous data

  • Scattered information due to various operation systems

  • Lack of capabilities in real-time digital communication and control

Energy Wastage
  • Lack of concern to collect energy consumption data

  • Unable to statistically analyze energy-related data

  • Cause huge energy waste during energy transmission and use

Flat Display with low IoT Capability
  • Legacy operating system which still remains in a 2D plane or with poor spatial perception

  • Unable to do remote or cross-functional communication effectively

  • Delayed response strategy due to insufficient awareness of dynamic data

Low Management Efficiency
  • Inefficient manual operation and potential security breach due to human error

  • Unable to detect real-time problems and facilitate work collaboration

  • Impossible to simulate and preview for emergency time

Virspatial's Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

Factory - Level

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  • 1:1 digital scene

  • An interactive digital twin sand table that provides visualizations of digital solutions for 19 factories

  • Large screen, real-time operating status display of systems such as production lines, buildings, power stations, chemical plants, and parks (using dynamic data)

Virspatial’s Smart Buildings Solution Advantages

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All-factor Digitization

  • Provide data integration and analysis with excellent multi-source heterogeneous data fusion ability

  • Make quick & efficient decisions with real-time status information

  • Empower strategic decisions with 1:1 rebuild of the real physical world

Efficient Energy Management to Achieve ESG Missions

  • Control energy transmission and use accurately based on big data

  • Carry out intelligent energy management with the help of AI algorithm

  • Fulfill social responsibilities through achieving carbon neutrality


One-stop Management

  • Quick response to problems through remote & real-time visualization and IoT monitoring

  • Make emergency plans in advance with 3D visual simulation of security and fire protection

  • Provide predictive operation forecast instead of reactive maintenance

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