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  • Who we are - Virspatial Technologies?
    Virspatial Technologies is a Singapore-based spatial computing company founded in 2019. Our mission is dedicated to providing spatial digital twin creation and interactive technologies for enterprise metaverse, empowering enterprise metaverse applications, and providing excellent spatial digital experience. Our vision is to combine human-computer interaction technology to create an unparalleled digital twin world for human beings.
  • What is a digital twin?
    A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object.
  • Types of digital twins?
    Component twins/Parts twins Component twins are the basic unit of digital twin, the smallest example of a functioning component. Parts twins are roughly the same thing, but pertain to components of slightly less importance. Asset twins When two or more components work together, they form what is known as an asset. Asset twins let you study the interaction of those components, creating a wealth of performance data that can be processed and then turned into actionable insights. System or Unit twins The next level of magnification involves system or unit twins, which enable you to see how different assets come together to form an entire functioning system. System twins provide visibility regarding the interaction of assets, and may suggest performance enhancements. Process twins Process twins, the macro level of magnification, reveal how systems work together to create an entire production facility. Are those systems all synchronized to operate at peak efficiency, or will delays in one system affect others? Process twins can help determine the precise timing schemes that ultimately influence overall effectiveness.
  • What are the benefits of digital twin software?
    Digital twins are a key piece of the digital transformation puzzle. They create an accurate virtual replica of physical objects, assets, and systems to boost productivity, streamline operations and increase profits. Increased reliability and availability Reduced risk Lower maintenance costs Improved production Faster-time-to-value
  • Why is digital twin so important?
    Digital twins are powerful masterminds to drive innovation and performance. Imagine it as your most talented product technicians with the most advanced monitoring, analytical, and predictive capabilities at their fingertips.
  • How has the digital twin impacted the industry?
    Digital copies are being used in a wide range of businesses, but the need for virtual twins is expected to rise for some time. The digital copy industry is expected to be worth USD 3.1 billion by 2020. A USD 48.2 billion market is expected by 2026, based on estimates from industry specialists. Even in the industrial and engineering sectors, virtual twins must be implemented immediately if companies are going to keep up with the pace of reinventing innovation.
  • What is Twinverse®?
    A Digital Twin PaaS platform created by Virspatial that is deployed across all cloud services. Which is what we called the "Spatial Digital Twin Mapping Enterprise Metaverse Platform".
  • What are the advantages of Twinverse®?
    Full Lifecycle Digital Twin Excellent Data Integration Ability Remote Access Real-time Situational Awareness
  • What are the benefits of Twinverse®?
    Digital Simulation and Prediction Increase Overall Working Efficiency Independent, Rapid Metaverse Development
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