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Our Story

Virspatial Technologies is a Singapore-based spatial computing company founded in 2019. 

Our Journey

Early 2019

Accredited as a member of the IMDA Spark Program

Oct 2019

Established in Singapore

Q3 2021

MOU with the National University of Singapore (NUS)

Q4 2021

MOU with a major utility

in the APAC

Dec 2021

Twinverse® Product Launch

Q1 2022

Accredited as a key member of the Singapore Digital Program by IMDA

Q3 2022

MOU with the top airport

in the APAC

May 2022

Selected as 2022 Top 100 TechPioneer by World Economic Forum

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To be Continued

Come with us for limitless digital transformation

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Company Value


Our vision is to combine human-computer interaction technology to create an unparalleled digital twin world for human beings.


We are dedicated to acting as the architect and leader of the operation platform.


We gather a group of talents with craftsmanship that empowers our innovativeness.


We build an innovative company environment that boosts collaboration and cooperation.

Meet The Team

Now Hiring Rockstars!

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