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Smart Retail

Enhance online purchasing experience and empower the entail retail process.

Our Solution

Our Smart Retail Twinverse® solution not only aims to finalize the purchase but also to provide customers personalized experience so as to increase the repurchase rate. In the process, it allows business owners to gain better insights into product performance, space optimization, and customer behavior.

What Retail Industry Lacks Today

Hard to fulfill the need for immersive online shopping 
  • Unable to display product information full 360° with traditional video & graphic

  • Lack of interactions and adjustments with products

  • Cannot zoom in details quickly & seamlessly

Lack of product performance visualization
  • Lack of visualized data about each product performance

  • Unable to statistically make strategic marketing plans, inquiring into the market trends

Low visibility of customer behavior
  • Low engagement with potential clients

  • Unable to gain new insights on customer behavior in the store

Inefficient store Operations & Maintenance
  • Lots of money & resources to maintain warehouses & showrooms

  • Hard to monitor employee behavior through 2D images and cameras

Virspatial's Enterprise Metaverse Solutions

Luxury Brand Retailers

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  • Zoom in view for in-store analysis

  • Easy-to-use editor for management

  • Different scenario workrooms to  optimize your layout and space 

  • Unify all databases, systems and storage onto a single platform

Virspatial’s Smart Mobility Solution Advantages


Revenue Increases for Both Online and Offline shops

  • Improve customer experience in digital stores to increase customer online screen-time and preference collection

  • Improve online direct purchase conversion rate and online-to-offline (O2O) conversion rate

  • Increase the purchase ratio and purchase amount of customers who come to the store

Operation and Management Visibility

  • Gathering and Managing complex legacy estates for retailers in one system

  • Understand space utilization and facilitate space optimization

  • Resource allocation through shop traffic footfall

  • Monthly KPI comparison between different branch-stores

  • Optimizing supply chain and Predictive Operation Changes and updates can be tested, modified and discontinued without risk


Consumer Analytics

  • Capture customer interactions with products to better understand the market

  • Track and analyze customer behavior

    • Visiting behavior through heatmap analysis and most-visited touch points

    • Purchase behavior through regularly-purchased products and AI-based prediction

  • Evaluate marketing ROI - Influencing purchase factors like sales conversion rate

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