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Project Manager

Singapore / Global Remote Working

About the Role

What you’ll be doing:

1.Define project plan, identify risk and risk migration actions, Responsible for project management systems and documentation throughout the execution
2.Coordinate with clients, internal and other stakeholders, lead the project team to deliver the project on-time, in high-qualify and within budget.
3. Train and care clients on technical operations throughout the life cycle


Ideal candidate’s Qualifications:

1. Personal Core: Self-driven, ambitious and practical. Open mind & Fast learning. English & Chinese bilingual preferred. Excellence in communication, influencing, and teamwork. Resilient, adaptive and thrive in front of challenges and adversities.

2. Technical skill:Familiar with 3D modelling with various type of GIS/CAD/BIM files & simulations,3D engines such as Unity 3D, Unreal, and IOT. Knowledge in VR/AR, C programming, and PLS/DCS/MES/MAS systems & integrations. Software development experience is a plus.

3. Industrial background: Experience in city planning, transportation/mobility management, seaport/airport management, utilities such as water, electricity, security & emergency management and other public facilities & services. Alternatively, understand process, production, control, simulation and management system in Process and Discrete industries. Experience in smart plant or digital transformation projects.

4. Project experience:Has experience delivering (not receiving) software projects with budgets > 1M SGD for Fortune 500 and government customers.

5. Qualification: IT, Automation, engineering education, MBA/Master, Certified Project Manager preferred

6. Location:Singapore

About the Company

Virspatial Technologies was established in Singapore in 2020 and despite being a newer company along with the pandemic, we have been growing fast locally with significant projects awarded. We were also accepted into IMDA’s Accrediation program and have been making connections with government agencies, large enterprises, and ecosystem partners. In 2021, we are recognized as the Core Technology Provider of Spatial Computing by IDC. In 2022, we are selected as the global Top-100 Technology Pioneers by World Economic Forum.

Our mission is to build Singapore branch into a digital lighthouse when it comes to spatial digital twin applications and technologies in the region, with further global expansion, reach and service. We are dedicated to the field of real-time 3D human-machine interaction based on our core technology in spatial computing and at the same time provide innovative & cutting-edge Enterprise Metaverse Solutions for our customers in Smart Cities and Smart Manufacturing.

Our technologies offer a multitude of benefits. One of the best advantages is that it allows users to have access to a detailed, intricate view of a physical asset that might be far away. Enterprise Metaverse Solutions can significantly improve enterprises’ data-driven decision-making processes.

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