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Huawei Connect 2022 | Enterprise Metaverse: The future of work

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The Huawei Connect 2022 was officially held at the Queen Sirkit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand from 19th to 21st September.

Virspatial was invited as one of the exhibitors at Huawei Connect 2022. We have heard a lot of good praise for our Enterprise Metaverse solutions. At our booth, we've presented our innovative enterprise metaverse solutions, covering smart energy, mobility and retail with our Twinverse digital twin platform. We help our customers and partners reach the physical world and their digital twin by combining real-time data from energy, IoT, robotics, 5G and AI, with analytics to generate better business insights and automatization from B2B operation or B2C engagement.

Imagining this data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. At Huawei Connect 2022 Bangkok, we were using Twinverse® platform to remote control the robotic arm from our ecosystem partner Flevix directly from Thailand.

On the 20th of September afternoon, Gavin Gui, our partner & Manage Director, was invited by Huawei to have a video interview to talk about our company and Huawei Connect 2022. Stay tuned to our Linkedin page and website as we will share it soon with you!

During Huawei Connect 2022, we look into the market performance of Enterprise Metaverse from an international perspective and explore the application scenarios of Enterprise Metaverse with our ecosystem partners as well as the unlimited future possibilities of Enterprise Metaverse in smart energy, mobility, and retail.

Key Takeaways:

  • Smart energy and transportation still have the highest demand in the digital twin industry.

  • Other high demands are from ICT, public service, and ISP.

  • Increasing customer needs for smart retail, e.g. digital twin book store or art gallery

  • Two main focuses on smart retail: immersive shopping experience for customers and visualized customer behavior & product performance for retailers

Look forward to Huawei Connect 2023! To find out more about the Huawei Connect 2022 exhibition and event, please click here. Written By: Grace Zhao - The ghostwriter | I write content that's both authentic and engaging for tech people to read. Join us, together with our fellow Technology Partners around the world, as we participate in this large-scale Technology Exhibition in Thailand. Follow our LinkedIn Page to stay updated on the latest news and more interesting stories about Virspatial Technologies. #Thailand #HuaweiConnect2022 #HuaweiConnect #Virspatial #Enterprisemetaverse #Digitaltwin #Technology #Innovation #Metaverse Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Youtube: Website: Find out more about us!

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