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Smart City Asia 2022 | Roundtable Discussion With Leaders Of The World's Top 100 Companies

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Virspatial Technologies will be sponsoring the first-ever big-scale physical Technology Event & Exhibition - Smart City Asia 2022 in Vietnam after the pandemic.

Virspatial will also be sponsoring the Roundtable to facilitate discussion on the topic "Enterprise Metaverse - Discover the Future" with leaders of top 100 companies from different countries which will take place on the 26th of May from 15:00-16:00 BST.

Virspatial Roundtable

We are honored to have invited influential leaders from multiple industries, including Dell Technologies Inc., Nvidia Corporation and the top-performing system integrator in Vietnam, Amigo Technologies, to have an engaging discussion with our founder and CTO, Eric Liu, about the digital applications of the Enterprise Metaverse and the possibilities for future development on smart city solutions.

The Moderator

Dan Lim

Marketing Manager, Virspatial Technologies

Dan graduated from MSc Management of Technology, specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship at National University of Singapore. In his early career, he was leading digital transformation projects for Skyworks Inc. IIoT ventures in the manufacturing industry and was involved in project partnering with start-up companies and MNCs from Uruguay and Singapore in the geo-location tracking and biometric applications. He has also participated in venture fund raising with venture capital, angel investors, and has been instrumental in leading the team towards pitch day. Dan has had experiences in managing AR, VR, MR, Digital Twin and IIoT applications, at the same time Involved in Digital Twin product development. In his current role, Dan manages Marketing and Ecosystem Partnership at Virspatial Technologies.

The Panelists

Anissh Pandey

ASEAN Director, Nvidia Corporation

Anissh Pandey has 17+ years of experience working with pioneers within Asia Pacific, in adoption of accelerated computing solutions which is key for AI success. Anissh Pandey is currently Director for Strategic Engagement (ASEAN) for Nvidia Enterprise Business. He has been instrumental in helping customers meet their strategic imperatives by accelerating adoption of AI solutions - internal development or external, with focus on transformation of business model, improved engagement and enhanced customer experience. He has worked closely with major Business Conglomerates, Unicorn businesses, Telco, Finance, Fintech, Universities(Research) and Government agencies on SMART Nation projects. Prior to Nvidia Anissh Pandey has worked with Hewlett Packard (HP) and Advance Micro Devices (AMD) supporting and engaging with large enterprise customers.

Randeep Kapur

Chief Technologist, Dell Technologies Inc.

Randeep is the Chief Technologist at DELL Technologies, he Randeep is recognized as a transformational strategist and agile thought leader with extensive experience as an advisor to the Global Smart Cities Alliance, a member of the Confederation of Indian Industry, a member of Supply Network Sourcing and a member of the Korean Blockchain Association, having delivered over 35 smart cities. Meanwhile, he has 24 years of progressive experience in consulting, designing, developing multiple enterprise grade Integrated Command and Control Centers (IC3) and Integrated Operational Centers (IOC) leveraging smart emerging technologies such as – Enterprise Edge Computing, IOT, BMS, BIM, Digital Twin, 5G, AI, Blockchain, VR, AR, RPA, Robotics, Chatbots, 4D Printing, VA, Smart workspaces, Cognitive Computing and Edge computing via hybrid deployments models. He is an advisor to the Global Smart Cities Alliance, Fellow member at Confederation of Indian Industry, Fellow member at Supply Network Procurement, member of the Korea Blockchain Association, and many many more.

Nguyen Thai Nguyen (Alex)

Deputy General Director and CTO, Amigo Technologies

Nguyen (Alex) is the Chief Technology Officer at Amigo Technologies - one of the top System Integration companies in Vietnam, especially in the Banking & FSI industries. In his current role, Nguyen managed the Pre-sale, Post-sale, and Business Partner & Marketing teams at Amigo. And works with various global Technology & Solution Providers to help customers address their business challenges. Before joining Amigo, Nguyen had over 12 years of experience working in R&D, consulting, designing, and implementation of enterprise & carrier-grade solutions for companies such as Viettel Group, DASAN Zhone Solutions, and Ciena Corporation. Nguyen holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE), and many other technical certifications.

Eric Liu

Founder & CTO, DIGITWIN | Virspatial Technologies

Eric graduated from the Computer Science department of the University of Maryland, College Park. With over 10 years of working experience in Silicon Valley at world-renowned enterprises such as NVIDIA, his strong technical skills and business acumen in the field of real-time computer graphics allowed him to focus his energies on the largest marketing in the world, China, and now the International market. He is both an innovator and an industry leader in smart city 3D Enterprise Metaverse and Digital Twin solutions. Eric also speaks at The WAIC2021 1st European Online Forum with Sinofy on the topic of Smart Cloud Revolution in Industry 4.0 and many other technology events. His company, DIGITWIN Technologies, and Virspatial Technologies have been awarded the "Technology Pioneer 2022" by World Economic Forum.


  • What is Metaverse?

  • How will the Enterprise Metaverse reframe human-centered experiences?

  • What is the market response to the Enterprise Metaverse in different sectors and industries?

  • How is Virspatial Technologies, Dell Technologies, Nvidia Corporation, Amigo looking at the potential and possible impact of Enterprise Metaverse to businesses?

  • Showcasing current benchmark cases where Enterprise Metaverse is already in place

We hope to explore the application scenarios and infinite future possibilities of the Enterprise Metaverse from an international perspective by discussing with leaders from the World's Top 100 Multi-national Enterprises.

To find out more about the Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition and event, please click here.

Written By: Dan Lim and Suki - The ghostwriters | We write content that's both authentic and engaging for tech people to read.

Join us, together with our fellow Technology Partners around the world, as we participate in this large-scale Technology Exhibition in Vietnam. Follow our LinkedIn Page to stay updated on the latest news and interesting stories at Smart City Asia 2022.

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