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SMART CITY ASIA 2022 | We are the star of Metaverse

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

The Smart City Asia 2022 was officially held at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Centre in Vietnam on 26th May 2022, in the presence of Vietnam Ministries and International Enterprises.

Virspatial was invited as one of the keynote speakers at Smart City Asia 2022. We have hear many good praises to our Enterprise Metaverse solutions and also, to the futuristic look of our booth. It was a welcoming session on the day 1 to have visitors coming over to our booth and try out the magic demo that we have set up specifically for this technology exhibition.

It is our honor to welcome the presence of the Vietnam Government Ministers to visit our booth and have us showcasing to them our Enterprise Metaverse technology. We have shared on how Twinverse Platform can help to support the Smart City scene in Vietnam landscape.

Visitors who has visited our booth (F08-09) will be able to learn more about the latest applications of Enterprise Metaverse in the international market, as well as the 1:1 Metaverse scenarios created by digital twin technology for smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart energy, smart ports and other areas.

On the 26th May afternoon, we have invited top leaders from Dell technologies, NVIDIA Corporation and the top-performing system integrator in Vietnam, Amigo Technologies, to discuss "Smart City Globalization and Metaverse Application Implementation" at Virspatial Roundtable session.

We explore the market performance of Enterprise Metaverse from an international perspective, explore the application scenarios of Enterprise Metaverse and the unlimited future possibilities of Enterprise Metaverse in smart cities and other areas.


  • What is Metaverse?

  • How will the Enterprise Metaverse reframe human-centered experiences?

  • What is the market response to the Enterprise Metaverse in different sectors and industries?

  • How is Dell Technologies, Nvidia Corporation, Amigo Technologies looking at this Enterprise Metaverse?

  • Showcasing current benchmark cases where Enterprise Metaverse is already in place.

Today, 27th May at 13:00 (Vietnam Time), Eric Liu, Founder & CTO of Virspatial, will be the only international corporate speaker at the National Metaverse Conference, delivering a keynote on Enterprise Metaverse. He will be sharing some of the key points below.

  • What is Enterprise Metaverse

  • Which are the applications of Enterprise Metaverse solutions

  • What are the business trends of Metaverse Industry

  • Why is it important to the ecosystem?

  • What are some of the key tasks?

  • How do we change and accelerate the world digital pace of transformation?

We hope to explore the application scenarios and infinite future possibilities of the Enterprise Metaverse from an international perspective by discussing with leaders from the World's Top 100 Multi-national Enterprises.

To find out more about the Smart City Asia 2022 exhibition and event, please click here.

Written By: Dan Lim and Suki - The ghostwriters | We write content that's both authentic and engaging for tech people to read.

Join us, together with our fellow Technology Partners around the world, as we participate in this large-scale Technology Exhibition in Vietnam. Follow our LinkedIn Page to stay updated on the latest news and interesting stories at Smart City Asia 2022.

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