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Enterprise Metaverse

through Spatial Digital Twins.

What is Spatial Digital Twin?

The Foundation of Enterprise Metaverses

A digital twin is a digital replica or a digital overlay of a physical asset, space or operation so that nearly every aspect of work can take place digitally, or at least before it does physically.

We Are Accredited by IMDA.

Evaluated on three aspects: Technical, Financial and Operations. Excellent Technology Track Record.


Providing enterprise metaverse solutions through spatial digital twins.


Excited to announce that we have joined the NVIDIA Inception accelerator programme for startups.

Access to amazing tech and support for our future developments.


Trusted by the Greatest

Collaborated with the Best


Twinverse Platform


Powered by Virspatial's
Spatial Digital Twin Technology

Cloud Agnostic

Supporting public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud deployment, and pixel stream transmission to ensure optimal data security.

Full Stack System

Digital twin self-developed engine can support domestic operating systems and wide range of chips.

Multi-source Data Fusion

Can read more than 30+ static model data and 1000+ dynamic protocol data.

Cross Platform Interaction

Compatible with AR/VR headsets, computers, mobile phones, tablets and command center large screen set-up


Our Industry Focus

No matter which industry you are from, we have the right solutions for you.

Smart Buildings

Provide all-level spatial management solutions focused on facilities management of a building.

Smart Mobility

Provide real-time visualization and situational awareness of mobilities and achieve efficient digital management.

Smart Retail

Enhance online purchasing experience and empower the entail retail process.

Hear It from Our Partners & Customers

Virspatial Technologies and its fellow pioneers are at the forefront of industries that are critical to solving some of our world's most complex issues today."

Saemoon Yooh, Community Lead, at World Economic Forum

Welcome to the world of Spatial Digital Twins.

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