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Twin Your Imagination | DIGITWIN (Overseas arm of Virspatial) attends WAIC in China

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We are very happy to share with you that Digitwin Technologies, our overseas arm in China, was invited to attend the WAIC - World Artificial Intelligence Conference, which was held in Shanghai from 1st to 3rd of September. It is a worldwide event, having five sub-venues in North America, Europe, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. More than 700 online and offline media platforms broadcasted this grand event, accumulated to about 639 million online viewers. Michael Ma, Founder and CEO of Digitwin, delivered a keynote speech on 'Industrial Metaverse Accelerated by Digital Twin' at the 9th China Industrial Internet Summit in Baoshan, which is one of the sub-venues. He stated that the core of the enterprise metaverse is the utilization of the full lifecycle digital twin, which will be the key technology across the bottom to top scenario applications.

Michael Ma | Founder and CEO of Digitwin

Meanwhile, our founder and CTO, Eric Liu discussed 'Digital Native Evolution of the Metaverse' with our ecosystem partners on Digital Native Evolution panel. He shared that Cloud Native technologies and their open source platforms form an important part of the digital application architecture and a powerful means to drive industry innovation and upgrade on the production and consumer side.

Eric Liu (Center) | Founder and CTO of Digitwin & Virspatial

About the World Artificial Intelligence Conference

The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) 2022 was held in Shanghai World Expo Center from September 1-3. This year, with the theme of 'Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Multiverse', the conference aims to fully demonstrate the new technologies of AI and the new track of the metaverse, including new technologies, new industrial clusters, new scenarios and agile governance solutions, promoting global “co-creation, co-building, co-integration, co-governance, sharing, and win-win” to further enhance the common welfare of mankind. Written By: Grace Zhao and Suki Shen - The Innovative Creators | We write content that's both authentic and engaging for tech people to read.

Join us, together with our fellow Technology Partners around the world. Follow our LinkedIn Page to stay updated on the latest news and interesting stories of upcoming events and our innovative digital twin solutions.

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