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Transforming Smart Port and Harbors - Innovating the Future

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

⚓ Go beyond the depths of your imagination

Smart Port optimizes your workflow and operations, raising your profit potential.

Today’s global port and terminal network face a multitude of challenges; from the ongoing pressure to reduce running costs, to ensure appropriate security measures; facing the pressure to "go green" and mitigating against climate change, to utilizing the immense amount of data they generate daily.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Virspatial's Smart Port Solutions covers all bases and we always advocate staying data-driven for all of our decision-making processes and tools. We provide digital port solutions consultancy for new and existing ports and terminals in three distinct areas. Through our smart design capability – we’ve developed the use of parametric design, data format and adopted BIM on all our Digital Twin projects to provide even greater efficiencies for our clients.

Beyond that, we also provide the following functions to our Smart Port Solution Platform.

  • Data-Driven Port Scene Display

  • Security CCTV Management

  • AI-Driven Recognition

  • Personnel Violation Management

And finally, we are adopting the use of technology including big data, automation, and digital twins to gain insight and optimize port daily operations.

The Business Pain Points

  • Sufficient Digitization

There are too many dynamic factors such as port logistics, ships, and shipping agents, the artificial management cost is high, and the response to abnormal events is not timely.

  • Poor Space Utilization Capability

The location of loading and unloading lacks three-dimensional spatial attributes, the guiding operation is not intuitive; the shore bridge, main lifting equipment, and other large equipment are lifted too high, move too long in distance, and lack of space optimization.

  • Low Operation Efficiency

As port throughput continues to increase, geographic space cannot be expanded and many scattered technologies increase management costs without improving overall efficiency.

Our Solutions Advantages

  • Virtual-Reality Mapping

Restore the port's ships, bridge machinery, containers, freight trucks, and all other production factors through 3D technology, access dynamic data, and intelligently control the whole port in real-time.

  • Simulation and Intelligent Optimization

Through simulation and AI algorithm, combining GIS/GPS data, carry out the three-dimensional optimization of the port's movement space and operation rhythm.

  • One-Stop Solution for Operation and Management Needs

The one-stop 3D visual management platform can analyze and control various data of the port across time dimensions, with visual supervision and efficient operation and maintenance.

Our Digital Twin Smart Port Project Demo

Digital Twin will revolutionize how ports are organized, monitored, and controlled. It is only the first step in the transformation as more port stakeholders deploy advanced digital solutions.

Virspatial Technologies will provide an entire replication of the physical entire supply chain network – virtually. The design and creation of a Digital Twin will enable the port authorities to simulate the construction and operation process and visualize the various infrastructure elements in real-time.

Digital Twin Technology and Enterprise Metaverse applications are not just a "Domestic Technology Trend", but an international technology wave. In the near future, Virspatial Technologies will enable more metaverse applications with its spatial twin data engine.

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