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Transforming Smart Retail with Color-verse™️ |Our Project Showcase

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

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Our Smart Retail Solutions Help to Enhance the Online Purchasing Experience and Empower the Entail Retail Process.

Click the above picture to experience Valspar Color-verse™!

(Source: Valspar)

As a brick-and-mortar retailer, have you ever been worried about the increasing costs and labor of operating and maintaining showrooms? Have you ever thought about expanding your customer base into a more dynamic one and increasing your brand awareness? Have you ever imagined gaining competitive differentiation through digital transformation? Virspatial Technologies, a Singapore-based spatial computing company accredited by Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), makes these problems solved with the help of Enterprise Metaverse.

Color-verse™️ - Valspar 2023 Colors of the Year

Recently, Virspatial Technologies and its metaverse solution partner Meta Central are collaborating on the Color-verse™ project to showcase Valspar 2023 Colors of the Year (COTY) series paint in the metaverse world. Valspar is a well-known, industry-leading paint and coatings brand established in 1806 and is a part of The Sherwin-Williams Company. It launched its 2023 COTY color this year, sold at its preferred retailer, Lowe's, an American retail company specializing in home improvement.

Color-verse™️ Project Showcase Video

An Immersive Experience in the Color-verse™️

In Color-verse™️, Valspar consumers can get a smooth and immersive Valspar product presentation and purchase experience easily and remotely through multi-terminal devices. On top of that, Color-verse™️ provides a try-on experience in Paint Wing where users can design their meta house by painting the trend worthy 2023 COTY colors on walls, engaging them with a true-to-life illustration of how their house looks like after painting with 2023 COTY.

Moreover, there is a special room called Game Wing, where users can enjoy the parkour game by acting as painting equipment, upgrading it by collecting paint chips along the way to buy Valspar oil paint in Lowe's. Finally, users can view several NFT artworks, design their own using the 2023 COTY color and share them with their friends in the Art Wing. From retailers' perspective, Color-verse™️ can help them better understand customer preferences and the market through monitoring and analyzing customer behavior such as the most frequently used color, color schemes, and the area customers are more likely to refurbish. Also, Color-verse™️ combines lightweight games of strong interaction with product elements, thus attracting more dynamic customer groups, increasing customer engagement, and promoting effective brand adoption. Study shows that digital interaction will create highly engaged customers, who will buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per purchase, and increase 2 times the annual value compared to the average customer.

To find out more about the Valspar and Valspar Color-verse™, please click here.

Ready to Adopt Smart Retail Solutions?

Apart from providing product performance and personalized customer experience as a basis for business decision-making, Virspatial also focuses on optimizing shopfloor performance and the management process of retail shops at our self-developed Twinverse® platform. Through monitoring the performance of customer service staff, managers can get insight into traffic patterns in the store to adjust schedules and improve retail floor efficiency. By centering on the assets, spaces, energy consumption, environment, logistics tasks, and other management business, managers can stay in touch for command & control actions to improve management efficiency.

About Virspatial Technologies

Virspatial Technologies is a technology company dedicated to providing spatial digital twin creation and interactive technologies for enterprise metaverse, empowering enterprise metaverse applications, and providing excellent spatial digital experience. Along its journey, it has been accredited as a key member of IMDA and selected as 2022 TechPioneer by World Economic Forum. As of today, Virspatial Technologies is presently leading digital transformation with many smart retailers and would be glad to help you elevate your retail businesses.

Written By: Grace Zhao and Dan Lim- The ghostwriters | We write content that's both authentic and engaging for tech people to read.

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